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Beach Head
By U. S. Gold

Published in Acorn User #041

Hershey Bars Under Navarone

This is a program in the John Wayne tradition. The objective is to disable the enemy, make a landing on their beach head, and then plough inland and assault the fortress of Kuhn Lin.

The first screen shows an aerial view of the coastline under attack. You move a crosshair cursor to select the route you're going to take. A head-on assault will find the enemy forces at full strength, while a trip through the 'secret passage' will catch them off-guard.

Once through the passage, you engage the enemy navy, who launch waves of fighter-bombers - so pot them off with your Ack-Ack guns before they destroy your fleet. Where is your own air support? All below deck chewing Hershey bars, for all I know!

After the aircraft have dropped their loads, the ships start on you. Now bring out your guns and try to get the elevation right to drop one on each of three ships. The aircraft carrier which did the damage in the previous screen tries to slip away unnoticed - extra points for sinking this.

If you destroy the enemy fleet before they obliterate your forces, you can land tanks to make an assault on the fortress.

After dodging the enemy land forces to get into a good position for bombarding the castle, you'll need to make it through with several tanks at least.

The final assault means hitting targets on the fortress before their Navarone-style gun lines up on you.

This game was one of the big successes on the C64 and Spectrum, but I didn't find the action or the graphics particularly impressive. Will I buy it? You have got to be joking.

Bernard Emblem

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