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By Tynesoft

Published in Acorn User #057

Curry In A Hurry

Raj, the proprietor of an Indian restaurant has unfortunately eaten too much of his own wares. This has resulted in him needing to reach his loo rather urgently.

He has, however, got a long way to go since his loo is somewhere deep in his cellar. Thus to get there he must first make his way through all of the rooms in his path. Each of these rooms contain a number of objects which must be avoided if he is going to make it in time. Snakes, heads, skulls and bouncing balls plus falling through floors are just some of the things which Raj must avoid.

You must guide Raj through all these rooms to the loo. The keys you use are the simplest I've seen in any game yet; just Z and X for left and right. This makes the game sound easy. Not so!

Each of the screens has a very imaginative title to it, relevant to the screen you are on, such as Skull Level 4.

The graphics are good but not brilliant. Movement is smooth (two pixels at a time) and colour is well used. The sound is not superb either, but bearable.

The plot and action have a very original flavour (ha ha) and are well supported by the quality of the game itself. I would say it would make an interesting addition to anyone's library.

Bernard Emblem

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