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Copy Cat
By Dromeda

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

Copy Cat is a Simon type game for up to four players. There are two parts - the Reflex Repeater and Sequence Memory game.

The screen displays the faces of four differently coloured cats, each is numbered from one to four. For each cat, a change in colour appears to make its face "light up" and a tone sounded. You have the option of playing with both sound and colour, or sound or colour alone.

In Reflex Repeater, the correct number of the cat making the sound and/or changing colour must be input as rapidly as possible. The time in which to do this is related to the skill level chosen.

For each successful response, points are scored.

For the Sequence Memory game the same choices apply, but this time you must remember the sequence in which the cats are activated. A correct reply gains points and the sequence lengthened until you eventually get it wrong.

I failed to feel enthusiastic about this computer version and find it hard to believe that the youngsters for whom it is intended would either.


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