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The Bag Bounder/Food Of The Gods
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #86

These two games are described being suitable for the youngest member of the family how young is not the arcade novice. are very similar, but The Bag Bounder is the easier of the two.

In both, the screen shows a cross section of floorways with one-way or two-way ladders, or simply a tunnel for access to each floor. Various nasties guard the objects that you seek. In Bag Bounder, this is bags of money, and in Food Of The Gods you collect hearts stolen by an evil god.

The keyboard controls your movement. S and D keys control walking left and right and the spacebar is used to jump. When it comes to using ladders, however, you must find the correct key, which can be any of these, to take you up or down. This seems to be different for each location. While you are fumbling about, the resident monster has time to catch and gobble you up.

This peculiarity with the movements is described as encouragement for the habit of self discovery, essential to all aspects of learning. I found it irritating and ultimately boring.


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