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Rock Storm 2
By Harlequin

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

This game is an adaptation of Asteroids. Taking command of the spaceship Mesopotamia, you blast debris to clear the screen and move onto the next. You control the ship's laser cannon with your joystick. To start, you press the fire button on the joystick. You aren't told this in the instructions.

The spaceship has momentum, so the speed of the game is under your direction, but to control the ship accurately takes practice.

Before you can start blasting you must first engage the ship with a small and elusive fuel crystal to make the laser cannon operative.

On the first screen the rocks are cleverly transformed to show the TI logo. On the second, the debris starts as pacmen. You continue through many screens until all lives are lost in collisions.

You have a choice of skill level ranging from total idiot to real groover, the latter being a most apt requirement.

If you gain a high enough score, you register your name on the Super Heroes list, amongst a very mottley crowd.

This needs Extended Basic and joystick.


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