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Rubble Trouble
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.03

Each time I open a computer magazine I find that the prolific software house Micro Power has released yet another game for the Electron. The latest offering from the stable of Killer Gorilla and Ghouls is Rubble Trouble.

The program bears a striking resemblance to Percy Penguin in the way it is played. As is the case in many of these types of game, the player is in control of a man who can go left, right, up and down as well as having the ability to push rocks. The scenario is a maze made up of rocks around which wander a number of strange animals that are up to no good. Apparently their staple diet is human flesh!

The aim is to obliterate the meanies that begin life by hatching out of eggs. These are killed by squashing them with rocks that have been pushed. However, beware! Should you push a rock and miss the monster then you'd better get out of the way quick, because the rock will rebound towards you (hence the title!).

Rubble Trouble

Once all the monsters on a screen have been killed a player then progresses to the next level where there are more to be found. The quicker you finish a screen the more bonus points are won.

At the first level, completion doubles the points earned, at the second four times, at the third six times, etc. The game is made more interesting by having different types of maze which vary between all rubble and monsters being visible to an invisible maze where you wander around blindly, trying to find your way around and still trying to survive.

This is a reasonably good game involving a fair amount of dexterity and strategy in order to succeed. Whilst the graphics and sound are to the usual very high standard that we've come to expect from Micro Power, they must soon look for some new ideas, because this is really a variation on a theme that have been well and truly flogged.

However, if you've not got a game of this type it is as good as any version on the market.

Dave Reeder

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