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Micro Power Magic II
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 4.08

Micro Power Magic II

Ah, doesn't it make you feel nostalgic for a simpler age! No mega-games loading each new level from disc, no protection routines testing from Replay, no large prizes for completing the game, just good solid entertainment.

This, the second Micro Power raid of the vaults, is not as strong as their first compilation but, for the price, is totally irresistible. The games suffer from being a melange of great and awful but for less than a pound apiece there is not much complaining from this reviewer.

Most compulsive if all is the classic Mr. Ee, a variant of the old arcade classic Dig Dug - worth the price on its own (I think). This game with its maddeningly simple gameplay (collect the good whilst trying to drop apples onto monsters) hardly shows its age at all. Likewise Frenzy offers you a simpler version of the recent Kix without the frills.

Felix In The Factory (standard platform game), Positron (early Invaders variant by Gary Partis), Bandits At 3' O Clock (two player joystick battle) and Cybertron Mission are all the sort of game that is fun to play but you're glad you didn't pay full price for.

However, the inclusion of educational games such as World Geography and Junior Maths Pack does seem a little misjudged given what else is available from the Micro Power backlist - Swoop, Rubble Trouble, Space Jailer, etc.

Overall, not as strong as the first Magic compilation but still excellent value and worth thinking seriously about.

Dave Reeder

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