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Dare Devil Dennis
By Visions
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

Dare Devil Dennis is a variably talented but unshakeable stunt bike rider who makes a living from stunt riding Evil Knieval style. This game gives you the chance to control Dennis's fate on the film set. There are three 'takes' and Dennis depends on your skill to successfully complete the increasingly difficult stunts and avoid the dreaded 'You are fired' message.

The first few screens are fairly straightforward and give you a chance to get used to the controls of whichever mode of transport Dennis happens to be employing this time. It could be a motorbike, waterbike or even skis. Dennis has to perform feats of daring, like leaping over houses, avoiding ambulances, snowballs and helicopters, as well as a jolly looking spider who hangs about at the end of the screen. The SHIFT key is used to accelerate Dennis and the SPACE bar sends him leaping into the air. RETURN brings about a rather shocking halt to proceedings.

As Dennis progresses past the initial dangers of bumping into yachts or snowmen he comes up against an increasing number of objects and holes in his path, plus some extremely awkward and light-footed policemen, who float up and down and make any sort of progression painfully difficult. This part of the game teaches you some more subtle techniques, like stopping in mid air, than the earlier hell for leather dashes to the end of a screen.

The graphics are smoothish and the game colourful. The sounds for bikes, boats and skis are also very attractive if not wholly realistic. Dare Devil Dennis himself does a wonderful dive over the handlebars and kicks his feet in the air when toppled off his transport for the nth time. Like the comic original, he's a game character. And you have got to keep playing unless you pull the plug because even CTRL-BREAK has been disabled.

Dave Reeder

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