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Percy Penguin
By Superior
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 2.03

You are Percy in a maze of ice cubes. Also in the maze are the deadly snobees which are out to kill you, so to stay alive you must kill them first. Killing a snobee is done by hurling an ice cube at it, which is achieved by pressing the space bar at the same time as one of the direction keys (Z - left, X - right, * - up and ? - down). For this, you score 100 points and additional points are obtained in a number of different ways.

Firstly, 10 points for peacking at an ice cube that then disappears. Secondly, 1000 points and an extra life (You start with three) for lining up three of the cubes called diamond cubes which have red and yellow centres as opposed to blue. Thirdly, 10 points for every second under a minute after killing all the snobees on each screen, of which there are eight, with no more than three on the screen at any one time.

The game is interesting, and enjoyable to play with some good graphics, and sound. The only thing that is disappointing is the documentation. Only one of three pages that are repeated while the game is not being played, is devoted to it. On this page there is a brief outline on how to play and what the game is about, but there is no mention that the joystick can be used, or of the bonus score for killing all the snobees on the screen in under a minute.

The other two of these three pages are for the top eight scores, and a graphic picture with the title "Percy's home".

Dave ReederGiuseppe de Benedictis

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