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Go For The Gold
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

If you've ever fancied searching for the little people's pot of gold then there's plenty here. They're also so easy to obtain that you'll be bored stiff collecting them.

The idea is that you are lost in various forests looking for the gold. The screen shows trees, your man and a pot of gold. Also in the forest are pixies, to help increase your speed, but in pursuit of your man there's a leprechaun. When he catches you a man is lost. The game continues for as long as you have men. With each pot collected its value increases and you move onto the next forest.

Designed for keyboard or joystick, in the keyboard version it seems a gremlin has joined forces with the little people! by pressing any key other than the arrow keys used in the game your man travels around and off the screen at top speed. With this method of cheating, pots of gold become yours for the taking. At least this provides some amusement in what is otherwise a slow and tedious game. Needs Extended Basic.


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