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By Acornsoft
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 4.02

What can one say about the most highly regarded BBC game ever released? There have been reviews and tips aplenty in the past and, after a period when Acornsoft tried hard to appear not to market the game, we have to say thanks to Superior for re-releasing this.

Good news too is that the disc version brings together the three alternative versions: the standard Model B/B+ game; the 6502 Second Processor version; and the Master 128/Turbo version in colour. All of these have not been updated from the last Acornsoft versions, and so all known bugs remain!

The packaging cuts down the over-generous original kit and there is no novel and no poster here; just a function key card and a manual.

However, you never really needed to have anything but the game in order to lose yourself for hours in exploring the galaxies, improving your trading skills and relying on your trigger finger to get out of trouble.

If you haven't got a copy of Elite, then you've no longer got any excuse; run and buy it now! Beeb owners who have upgraded to Master or Second Processor since the game's first release will marvel at their enhanced version - lots of colour, undocumented ships and so on. Elite always was indispensible to any collection; now, for upgraded gamesters, it is even more so.

Dave Reeder

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