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Space Kingdom
By Software For All
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.05

Space Kingdom

The idea of Space Kingdom is to capture all the systems in the galaxy other than Sol, where you are based. There are several commands available. "Attack" is used to capture a planet in order to expand your empire. You must, of course, have enough fighters and sufficient full transports if your attack is to be effective.

You have a powerful computer which is used to obtain information on planets which you have successfully scouted. A new list of commands is displayed on choosing the "computer" option: there is a map, a director or status reports. The map also has a distance calculator.

"Embark" sets you off on a journey to your chosen planet. You must have told the navigator where you wish to travel first. You may order scouts to other planets to estimate your chances if you were to attack, or you can buy more fighters and call up conscripts so your forces are strong enough. Finally, you may order Dr. Everest to put you in suspended animation so you may sleep until scouts have returned or fighters built.

The game itself is great fun to play, and you will gain a lot from experience, for example how many fighters and transports you are likely to need to attack a planet successfully. I am now in a position to attack Xyess, a powerful planet, as I have learned how much force to employ. Once you have a fair experience, you will find attacks more fruitful.

You will need a good strategy to play the game well. You must, for instance, collect taxes from the planets that you control in order to pay for your supplies, and this should be done whenever possible.

Dave Reeder

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