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Acorn User

The Price Of Magik
By Level 9 Computing
BBC Model B

Published in Acorn User #053

Cheap At The Price

Price Of Magik

Pity Acorn User isn't audio-visual. There would be a deal of whistlin' an' swaggerin' going on right now. Price Of Magik must be the nicest adventure Level 9 have ever produced - because I managed to finish it, and within two days! But come to think of it, it seemed just as devious as usual, so I probably just got lucky. Magnanimity in victory (but not in defeat).

The point of the game is to become as insane as possible and thereby defeat the evil Myglar to become the new guardian of the Red Moon Crystal. At least you know what you're supposed to be doing for once. (Level 9 please note, it does help if you're not left staggering around wondering what to do next - though I supposed you know that.) Anyone who attempts this game minus cheat-sheet is insane already and in with a good chance.

It's as dastardly as ever, with over 200 rooms, filled with nasty things causing sudden death. No, this isn't one of those boring games where you merely get killed every three moves. Here, you decide that this world is not for you with the dawning realisation that you're educationally subnormal, rather than from frustration. You do get a chance to run away from things, and to rejuvenate yourself. My kind of game, in other words (Grecian 2000 rules!).

Now for a few tips: it's not wise to go around arbitrarily killing things - only kill if attacked. You can carry as much as you like - you don't have to go around dropping stuff all over the place. There are clues all around, you just have to be clever enough to recognise them. I was, of course... but, I did tell you I finished the game, didn't I?

However, I must admit to a few difficulties. This is no piece of cake. It look me at least four hours to make the lousy Bat bring me the wheel. But the desire to prove myself to the sniggering onlookers drove me ever onward. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The psychopaths at Level 9 have once again proved themselves to be vastly superior to any other adventure writers in the market, with all the wit and low cunning that we've come to expect from them. Still, I can now bask in the golden glow of victory - until the next one arrives.

Harry Sinclair

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