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Home Computing Weekly

Data Fall
By Pocket Money
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

In the beginning there was the bat and the ball. Since then you have had a few variations: bat, ball and wall; tennis players; and, most recently, all action football players or basketball players. Now we are taking a few steps back again.

This game presents very little novelty and graphically is equivalent to something you can type in yourself from a published listing. Even that might make too favourable a comparison. It's one virtue is its cheapness.

Your catchers are at the bottom of the screen and moved left and right by the joystick. From the top various shapes come tumbling down in a randomised pattern which ensure that you have to frantically dash from side to side and prevent their landing.

That's it folks! If you let one through you lose a catcher. Keep clearing the screens and it speeds up a little unless you fall asleep first.

This, I'm afraid, is a bad example of budget software which should never see the light of shelf space. Particularly tragic as Dragon software is difficult to find in any shop. I can only hope that most people are going to take heed of the reviews which act as cautious guidelines.


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