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Crazee Rider
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 4.10

Kevin Edwards returns to Superior with a bang! This game is a bit of a curiosity for Beeb owners - we're the poor relations this time as the game was designed specifically to give Electron owners an excellent and fast motorbike game, after the very strong sales of the Electron version of Overdrive. Master owners get an enhanced version thrown in but Beeb owners just have the £500 sports moped prize to inspire them!

After an excellent loading screen you're faced with a screen split into three - at the top a map of the track (with your position marked) and current scores, in the middle the main view of track and other riders and, at the bottom, a pair of handlebars with speed and race position. You're one of sixty riders on a choice of seven circuits (Master owners get more circuits, music, extra graphics, auto-demo mode and more - it's just not fair!) and the game is basically a race for the finish line. However, Kevin Edwards' usual vicious sense of humour is responsible for one imaginative difference between this and other racing games - part of the gameplay is bumping into other riders and knocking them to the ground! Nice touch, except when miscalculation leaves you standard as the pack of riders races past you instead.

There is nothing here that marks bold new steps into unknown programming areas - the game is solidly put together but is not up to the usual high standard of Superior releases for the Beeb. The graphics are acceptable but are of Grand Prix Construction Set quality rather than Revs.

However, this is not really the point. The Electron version is what counts and here, I'm told, it does things at great speed to amaze Electron owners (cornering a strong technique point apparently). Perhaps Beeb owners should just be grateful that Superior's releasing policy does mean that games are planned across the range of machines and magnanimous in allowing Electron games players two Superior products in one month - Crazee Rider and the recoded Stryker's Run by Edmondson/Chamberlain.

Dave Reeder

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