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The Last Ninja 2
By Superior/Acornsoft

Published in A&B Computing 7.04

The success of The Last Ninja I am sure will make this sequel sell extremely well. The idea of the game is to battle through each of the six levels, using your skills to solve many puzzles, to reach the ultimate puzzle and obtain the status of Last Ninja!

The scenery is similar to The Last Ninja, but each level has a different theme to it. The first is Central Park, then The Sewers, followed by other levels such as The Cellar and each has different villains held in it. Each has its own distinctive theme and outstanding graphics can be found on every one.

When you begin, you have to work out how to get out of the two rooms that are accessible to you. The rooms have objects scattered around them, of which usually only one has a use. Your screen display is very neat, with your strength shown as a coloured bar, and when encountering an enemy his is also shown. Also a time display is shown which, so I am reliably informed, is there only as a means of telling you how long you have been sitting at your Beeb and to aid people who wish to have competitions with their friends to see who can last the longest! The only other problem you will come across is, as in The Last Ninja, you begin with no weapons and have to rely on your body to help you achieve your goal!

Lives must be spent wisely, and especially with the swarm of bees which chase you, you must be very careful. The Sewers are worthy of note as the crocodile must be killed by using an object other than your trusty weapons!

My only complaints about this game are that sometimes there was an opening on the screen, but I couldn't seem to manage to go through it! The puzzles used and the detailed graphics make this game stand out from the crowd.

Dave Reeder

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