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Bomber Baron
By Optyx

Published in A&B Computing 4.06

Games To Avoid #1

A feature of most computer magazines a few years ago were readers' listings of games in BASIC (still around, of course, but now a little more sophisticated), most of which were variants of Frogger, Invaders or Bomber. The last was one of the earliest computer games ever created (just after Bat And Ball I would think) and consisted of trying to drop bombs from a plane moving left to right onto skyscrapers, before the plane moved down the screen and crashed into the buildings.

As a listing it was boring, now as a software re-release (albeit a budget one!) it is an insult and shows an almost ludicrous ignorance of games players' demands or the current state of software development.

I really cannot believe this release - have I suddenly slipped back five years in time? Or have Optyx?

Dave Reeder

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