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Home Computing Weekly

Castle Assault
By Blue Ribbon
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #127

Castle Assault at best can be described as a platform game where you must gain access to four floors using ladders.

There are many obstacles to make your journey difficult, monstrous crabs guard the floors which you have to jump to avoid. Your timing here has to be good because the crabs are also jumping up and down.

On reaching the top floor and collecting the gold you go to the next screen where crabs turn to snakes and birds appear on each floor ready to peck you to death. As if this was not enough, you have to avoid falling boulders while trying to climb up the levels.

This is a very entertaining game. The control keys are well located which makes them easy to use. One thing I liked about it is the absence of colour clash, which means your man does not change colour when he is on a coloured background. I do feel the sound quality could have been better, but what is there is quite adequate.

One feature about this game which annoyed me was that you have to climb the ladder right to the top before you can jump off which slows the game down somewhat.

I am surprised that this quality game is being marketed at such a low price. Maybe this reflects the state of the industry. If you have a quest for gold then this game will fulfil it!


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