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Home Computing Weekly

By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

Where? is an appropriate name for this educational game. After the game has been loaded a map of Britain appears on the screen. In this game, your knowledge of the geographical location of places, rivers and peaks in Britain is tested.

Once you've entered your name, the computer asks you questions by pointing at a location on the map. You are given four possible answers: press the number you think is right. If you're correct, you are congratulated, if not you're given the correct answer.

After you have answered 10 questions, the computer gives you your total marks and the average time it has taken you to answer a question. If you press the key while the computer is asking you the question you get told off in no uncertain fashion and your score is taken away. There is no limit to how many players can play.

After you have been playing for a while you suddenly find there are places, rivers and peaks you have never heard of. The positioning on the map is fairly accurate.


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