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Home Computing Weekly

Corn Cropper
By Cases Computer Simulations
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

If you want a quiet life after zapping aliens, try this. Your objective as manager is to increase assets to £250,000.

Initially you have 30 acres, all of which can be cultivated. To make proper decisions you have commands to help you to get the most out of your land. You may also ask for the weather forecast for making decisions about irrigation. Like all forecasts, this can be wrong. A crop status report will give you the up to date condition of your crops. All these are clearly indicated.

Problems like drought, insect attacks, seed eaten by rats and crops destroyed by fire are included.

There are five levels of difficulty. At the easiest, you are entitled to EEC subsidy. There is also a level for coming out of the Common Market - maybe to please Tony Benn.

Corn Cropper is enjoyable while being instructive. It may be difficult to understand balance sheets and accounts if you have not seen them before. The perplexing point is how to lay off temporary workers hired for harvesting. Their wages are so high they must belong to a very good union.


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