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Home Computing Weekly

By Shards
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

A game of strategy for one player. There are eight difficulty levels. At level eight it really taxes your brain.

The screen displays all the inhabited continents of the world. You have to choose 13 territories. A moving cursor skips from area to area. Pressing the space bar when it lands in the place you want to select stops it. All your territories are marked in green. Your foe the Elect Empire does the same and all its territories are marked in red. You each have 39 armies. You can deploy them as you wish. There are also 13 neutrals in yellow, with armies of their own.

The attack begins once all the armies have been deploted. The Empire attacks first. You can always follow the progress of your armies and of your enemy by looking at the information line at the base of the screen. If you have survived this attack, you will notch up a victory.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The graphics are excellent and music in tune. The only irritating thing is the difficulty in following the cursor, due to lack of contrast between colours.


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