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Barmy Burgers
By Blaby Computer Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #046

Chefs On Ladders

Burgers are becoming as popular on the micro as on the High Street! Issue 43 saw our review of Mr. Wimpy - possibly the definitive burger game. Here we take a look at another game from Blaby, which doesn't come up to scratch.

This one has you fleeing from fried eggs and frankfurters. Sadly, the hero in this one moves so jerkily and unresponsively that he appears to have gorged himself on starch, rather than 100 per cent beef hamburgers.


Faced with three disassembled hamburgers, you chef must stomp all over pieces of bun, lettuce and beef, so that they fall down a level to create the finished hamburger. A fried egg and two frankfurters chase the chef in an effort to halt burger production.

In Play

An excellent title page of a giant fried egg and frankfurter of quite human aspect is displayed during loading. This turns out to be the high-spot of the program.

The screen displays an assortment of platforms and ladders, with the burger ingredients scattered around the various levels. Your chef is presented as a tiny, front-facing, stiff-limbed figure, with all the elasticity of a frozen scarecrow.

On the move he merely leans to one side then the other, like Long John Silver on a bad day. When climbing ladders or moving onto a platform, the chef must be positioned spot-on or gets stuck. He's not very responsive to the joystick, making the game very frustrating, especially as the pursuers move quite quickly.

Throwing pepper at the chasing frankfurters and egg is much more hazardous than it should be as it only works if hurled at the last possible moment i.e. when the pursuer is but a sausage-skin width away from you. With the slowness of joystick response, you are obliterated more than obliterating.

If you do manage to shake the pepper at the right moment, the be-peppered object vanishes, only to reappear (temporarily frozen) at the side of the screen. These moments of inactivity seem to be erractic in duration.


A weak implementation of a good concept, despite the well-illustrated title page.

Bob Chappell

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