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By Incentive
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #029

Swinging Crawly

The quality of artwork on software advertisements and cassette inserts has increased enormously of late. Not surprisingly, still competition has forced software houses to ensure that their products catch your eye. However, an impressive cover is no infallible guide to the program's quality. It was with some trepidation, therefore, than I loaded a new game, Splat, which came enclosed in a glittering foil-fronted cover. My anxiety was unfounded.


Controlling Zippy, a new species of hero resembling a four-legged spider, you must manoeuvre him/her/it through a seven level maze to reach the exit. On the way, you must eat grass and plums, and avoid spikes and water. The whole Hampton Court complex slides about unpredictably. Bounded on all sides by a fixed wall, it swings up, down, left and right, for varying durations. You must avoid blundering into the outer wall, or, what is more of a problem, getting trapped against it like a fly swatted on a window-pane. Points are gained by gulping the grass and plums, and for reaching a new level.

In Play

Full on-screen instructions are supplied. The options allow you to use the keyboard, or a Kempston or AGF joystick.


Ready for the off, Zippy is placed in the central portion of the chunky maze which immediately starts moving, in a tick-tock fashion, to one of the four cardinal compass points. It continues on the same course for several seconds before deciding to head off elsewhere. In the meantime, you have to manipulate Zippy so that he doesn't get carried off and splattered against a wall.

As well as preventing Zippy from getting turned into strawberry jam, you must also try to gobble up as many clumps of grass as possible. Some of which are tucked down dead-end alleys.

Level two gives you some plums as an extra enticement but there are also rivers to cross. Later, red spikes need avoiding. The menu tells you that the exit is on level seven and adds, "No chance!" - I can well believe it.

As an added incentive, ISL is offering a 500 prize for the highest score reached by 14 January 1984. Every time you score over 500 points, a unique code is presented on the screen and entrants must submit the score and code.


Splat is an original and entertaining game which hooks you after just a few minutes play.

Bob Chappell

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