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Vampire Killer
By Scorpio Gamesworld
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #096


One shouldn't expect too much from pocket-money priced games - but as a cheap game, Vampire Killer has its good points.

You must try to ascend to the twelfth floor of a building to where Dracula is asleep behind a door. The only way you can progress between floors is by using the lifts, but unfortunately these have gone a little haywire: you might find yourself going down when you had hoped to go up.

The screen shows a split-level, side-on view of two floors with your little man in position. One floor looks exactly like another with its two green doors and one pink lift shaft. There may be a spider or bat blocking your way, but they can be shot if you have a bullet.

Any door may be opened and entered, the screen changing to show you the room. There may be one or more objects in the room - hammers, garlic, stakes and crucifixes, or bullets. It may also harbour a shock (such as a skeleton or spider) - you can only survive a few of these scares. If the room turns out to be an air shaft you'll tumble all the way back down to level one.

Because all the floors and rooms are very similar, the game gets rather boring after a few plays. It's all based on a random set-up, and is not entirely bug-free.

Bob Chappell

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