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Henry's House

Author: Bob Chappell
Publisher: English
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #095


Another platform and ladders game this may be, but it features some of the best graphics every seen on the Commodore 64. The different high-resolution screens are a feast for the eyes.

Little Henry is about to take you on a romp through his amazing home. First stop is the clothes cupboard which contains an assortment of bags, gloves, hats and bow-ties. In order to progress to the next screen, Henry must collect all of these plus a key which appears only after he has grabbed a certain object in the room.

Some of the items are placed in really tricky positions and you have to plan the best way to get at them. Among the hazards in this bizarre closet are three giant books that clump up and down and a whirling string of batty buttons.

Henry's House

Once Henry's gathered all the necessary objects, the screen changes to show him marching across an impressive hallway to the next room. One feature I particularly like was that on starting a new game you can opt to skip any previously conquered rooms.

The bathroom is really barmy and contains a huge grinning sponge, a squeezed toothpaste tube and the largest dripping tap and sink you're ever likely to see in a game. When you pull the plug out of the sink, the water gurgles away and an enormous toothbrush starts scrubbing away at a nearby set of gnashers. Objects to collect include rubber ducks and plastic scissors.

The kitchen is even kinkier. It includes a fearsome food mixer, a powerful pop-up toaster and a twisting tin-opener. If you're clever enough to conquer the kitchen, there's Henry's lounge, playroom (with a marvellously impressive teddy bear), nursery, dining room and finally the deadly dungeon.

The graphics and animation are absolutely superb. There's a wide variety of excellent sound effects and the different challenges make this a game not to be missed.

Bob Chappell

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