Personal Computer News


Author: Bob Chappell
Publisher: Quicksilva
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #087


This game from Quicksilva has one of the oddest heroes I've seen in a long time - he looks like a cross between a blue chicken and a ladybird.

A Nasty Piece Of Work has trapped your mates in his castle. To rescue them, you've got to catapult your plump little body over the castle ramparts. You haven't got wings or grasshopper legs - to achieve world fame as a high-jumper, you use a see-saw.

What happens is this: the NPOW is aloft, patrolling the ramparts. Although he's hidden behind the stonework, you can just about see his deelyboppers poking above.


The stones are loose, convenient for the NPOW who proceeds to have them down upon your unsuspecting person. While he's trying to brain you with the masonry, you are busy positioning yourself on a see-saw. When a falling brick hits one end of the see-saw, it will catapult anything on the other end into the castle.

The castle is filled with green gremlins which reach out to grab any passing waif or stray catapulted skywards from the see-saw. They're a pretty dumb bunch and will grab anything, including a brick. Your objective is to shuffle bricks along the see-saw so that sooner or later one is shot into the air. A gremlin will grab it as it passes but the force will drag him out and drop him into the moat. Once you've cleared a sizeable gap in the gremlin ranks, you must position yourself on the see-saw so that you will be catapulted through the hole in the defence when the next convenient brick falls.

The game is very simple, utterly barmy and I loved it.

Bob Chappell

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