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Home Computing Weekly

Henry's House
By English
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

Little Henry's bodyguard deserves the sack - this royal household is full of dangers for such an inquisitive boy! Each of the eight rooms contains a large number of objects to collect, and several others which prove lethal if touched. Collecting one special object in each room reveals a key. When this and all the other objects have been gathered, Henry can make his way across the corridor to the next room.

Playing the game requires careful timing, accurate positioning and luck. It takes only a short time to discover the correct route around a room, but longer to follow it without making mistakes. It is all too easy to miss the ledge you're trying to jump onto, or to land under the bath tape just as it drips.

The graphics are among the best I've seen, and you can admire them all straight away as the title sequence shows you each of the rooms - a nice touch, even if it does lessen the incentive to complete each new room.


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