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Crazee Rider
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #064

Electron Turns The Corner

Crazee Rider

Crazee Rider is the best motorcycling game Electron racers have seen yet.

While BBC Micro owners have been treated to several racing simulations, programming problems have prevented the translation of highly successful games such as Revs from BBC Micro to Electron. This, however, is a genuine Electron game that fills in a real gap in the serious game player's collection.

Crazee Rider puts you behind the controls of a 150mph motorcycle in a series of races which starts at Le Mans, and features six international race-tracks, with access to each subsequent race limited to those who qualify by finishing in the first six of the previous race, though there is a Jump option which allows players to jump between tracks they're qualified for.

The wide range of options includes the use of digital (First Byte) or Plus One joysticks, (though I found the keyboard easier to use), a choice of colour combinations, sound on/off and a pause option.

Plus 3 owners will be pleased to see another worthwhile game on disc, though cassette owners will question the value of a full screen title page which takes a long time to load.

Bernard Emblem

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