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Wizard's Lair
By Blue Ribbon
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #35

Wizard's Lair

Ah yes, the most re-released game in Spectrum history. When I used to do the occasional round-up of Speccy compilations (in the days before every game appeared on a compilation about ten minutes after its initial release). I'd usually give 100 to 30 that one of them would include Wizard's Lair, the only Bubble Bus game that ever made much of an impression. In fact it's a dead spit of Atic Atac, the olde worlde arcade adventure that Ultimate put out in about the Jurassic age. Great stuff in 1984, but dull beyond belief in these more demanding times. Essentially you just wander about collecting things, making maps, and wondering why you didn't buy a rip-off of Knight Lore instead. Snore city.

Marcus Berkmann

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