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Arcade Trivia Quiz
By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #53

Arcade Trivia Quiz

I was a bit concerned about this one, especially when I read on the inlay notes "Imagine the thrills, colour, noise and excitement of the arcade quiz machine on your very own home computer and you'll go some way towards realising just how exciting Arcade Trivia Quiz on your Amstrad really is".

Happily, though, it does load up, and it isn't at all bad. There are loads of these trivia jobbies around now, of course, but the success of the pub games does seem finally to have buried the Trivial Pursuit approach, where they print the answer and you press Y if you got it right. Here there's a much more user-friendly multiple-choice format, and you need to be on the ball to prosper. Not only do you need to be fast when answering questions, but when picking them as well - otherwise you get some ghastly geography question instead of a nice friendly pop music one.

Questions are not that easy (especially the date ones) and doing very well takes much practice. Spelling is as terrible as on all trivia games, but then if programmers could spell they wouldn't be programmers, would they? Up to three can play, and the whole design is simple and neat.

Marcus Berkmann

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