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Wizard's Lair
By Bubble Bus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #131

A dual tape, Amstrad on one side, C64 on the other, featuring an arcventure which, surprisingly, loads with no illustrated loading screen.

Once loaded, you find yourself the controller of Pothole Pete in a seven level cave system inhabited by the Wizard and sundry monsters, knights, executioners and so on. Your aim is to acquire spells, and the gold to make them work, weapons, and energy - you may even become invisible - on your quest to recover the four pieces of the golden lion, and thus escape. Your only other protection is throwing axes at the ghoulies. Sound familiar?

Mode I, with its higher resolution, but limited range of colours, is employed, and the screens are well constructed with doors, secret passages, wardrobes, etc. You view from above, with a non too successful attempt to give a 3D impression using angled right and left-hand walls. Sound familiar? Pete and his assailants move very smoothly, but aren't animated in the true sense of the word. The whole is accompanied by sound effects, and start/hi-score screens ring to sonorous, but slightly dis

Wizard's Lair

jointed music. .

Though not technically stateof-the-art, it's pretty good. I rind it hard, therefore, to understand why Bubble Bus should spend the time, and the cash, on what is, in effect, a version of Atic Atac. This really brings the rating down.

If you really want this type of concept/plot, you won't be disappointed by Wizard's Lair, but don't expect anything new and stunning from it.


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