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Home Computing Weekly

Killer Gorilla/Gauntlet
By Micro Power
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #111

Two games for £1 more than the price of Amsoft's usual offerings - and certainly up to the standard of many of them - Micro Power presents its versions of Donkey Kong and Defender.

Killer Gorilla has your little man trying to ascend girders, ladders and lifts in an attempt to rescue the maiden in distress, collecting her handbag etc en route in the face of barrels and fireballs from above. You have the power to jump gaps and also use a handy hammer for clobbering the nasties. If you succeed on the four screens, you return to the beginning but with more problems to surmount. Nice sound effects and a little music, but no attempt to represent the 3-D graphics of the original.

Gauntlet has your jet flying above a scrolling line-drawn landscape littered with canisters which are the target for swarms of landers. Using either joystick or keyboard your task is to zap the landers and preserve your plane as they go for you. If you can zap a lander carrying a canister and return it to the ground, more points amass. As one wave is defeated, another nastier, faster one takes its place, whilst at the top of the screen, a scanner shows what's coming up. Really fast and furious, and difficult to get a high score without practice, Gauntlet's graphics could only be described as adequate.

Acceptable renditions of good games, accompanied by notably detailed instructions, though by no means state of the art.


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