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Home Computing Weekly

By Mirrorsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #128

This adventure with graphics came with no instructions so what you're reading is what I could find out by playing. The screen is divided into areas for text and graphics, the latter rather squashed up in the top quarter. Though colourful, they are distinctly low-res and chunky, thus making them difficult to work out. As you move north, south etc, they scroll in the appropriate direction, accompanied by a grating noise from the speaker, which may be an attempt at the wizard laughing.

The wiz lives in a castle, the only access to which is across a drawbridge, and that's your first problem! No locations of any importance appear to exist outside the castle. Once inside you encounter a very' smelly stable with a wild horse, a slimy dwarf - dealt with in classic adventure style - and towers, armour room, bedrooms with names from the zodiac, a screaming room, a cloak of invisibility and so on. It even features a hooded figure with red-rimmed eyes; that editor of ours gets everywhere!

The input interpreter is swift but doesn't appear to like long sentences. It just ignores the second part, and the program itself isn't terribly consistent. For example, when it grows too dark to see, and thus you can't move, you can pick up and drop items, and characters can come in and out without problems.

From a few hours play, and no info, OK, but not wonderful. I wonder what the object is?


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