Sinclair User

Vampire Village

Publisher: Terminal
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #22

Vampire Village


TERMINAL SOFTWARE calls it Vampire Village, a real-time graphic adventure. The scenario is that you are the mayor of Vladsdorf who has heard that a vampire threatens outlying farmsteads.

You start with a fund of £999 with which in hire villagers to help you locate tHE vampire and you must direct them in their search.

Vampire Village

A map shows the village and the river which runs beside it and you can move each volunteer by using the cursor keys.

Pressing V will give you the words you can use and pressing P will show the players position at any stage.

Unfortunately, the graphics are painfully slow and obtaining any meaningful response from any of the vocabulary keys is in most cases unrewarding, so that it is easy to lose interest in the fate of the trusty villagers before you get anywhere near the vampire.

Vampire Village can be obtained from Terminal Software, 28 Church Lane, Prestwich, Manchester M25 5AJ. The cost is £6.95.

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