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Pud Pud
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #15

Pud Pud In Weird World

Pud Pud's author is a bit backward as the title screen proves. To save you getting a mirror out, his forwards name is Jonathan Smith. The object of the game is to help Pud Pud escape from Weird World by eating all ten hidden puddings.

Pud Pud himself, apart from obviously being a flying pudding, resembles a hyperactive Pacman character with flapping ears. The place is full of other creatures whittering around some of which, when eaten by Pud Pud, replenish energy, and others kill. Mrs. Pud Pud is the one to avoid, as her kiss is deadly. The various screens are interlinked and incorporate platforms held in position by large graphics of things like bits of the statue of Liberty or parts of broken Spectrums.

Pud Pud walks when on the floor of a platform, but tucks his legs up to flap when in the air. Energy is displayed as a bar at the base of the screen while the lives are three large hearts which deflate like punctured balloons when a life is lost through eating the wrong thing or running out of energy. When he dies, the rotund hero explodes into colourful bits and sinks to the ground as a dressed chicken.


Control keys: Q or O/W or P left/right, SPACE or CAPS to flap
Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair 2, Cursor type
Keyboard play: responsive, a simple layout and easy to use when you get used to gravity
Use of colour: unusual, very bright and varied
Graphics: also unusual, well animated and smooth
Sound: excellent tune, good spot effects
Skill levels: 1 but progressive after 10 puddings
Lives: 3
Screens: unknown but several interlinked

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