A&B Computing

The Mysteries Of Lamcote Manor

Author: Des Thomas
Publisher: Unknown
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 5.07

The Mysteries Of Lamcote Manor

This piece of software comes from a software house that's new to me. The catalogue states that "Superficially, the program is of an adventure format" and therein lies my main criticism. The story theme is very superficial with little mystery about it and there's no theme among the problems to compensate. Having said that, most of the problems taken individually are well-presented, although there's little new, and do require considerably more than a touch on the Spacebar!

The portcullis is used to present an introduction to wordsearching; there are three maze-type problems requiring different instructions; in the corridor keys have to be matched with locks; while the attic offers a simple co-ordinates grid. Lord Manver's living quarters gives a pleasing mapping problem and the youngsters will enjoy the lift, where the objective is to manipulate the letters (one on every floor) so that they spell a word. I must admit, I didn't think much of the ghost writer's certificate!

Des Thomas

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