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Strip Poker 2
By Anco

Published in A&B Computing 6.01

Here's one to keep away from your parents! Partly because it's smutty, partly because it's naff. That's a shame because Anco are new to the Beeb market.

You know the score when you buy a game like this - some fairly banal card simulation with the big thrill of seeing your digitised opponent shed first one, then another and then all her clothes. Wowsa!

Personally, I don't get too worked up over pixels on screen - too much else to entertain the mind these days. But what is sad is that Anco can release this knowing there will be a reasonable audience for such tackiness. And really. It wouldn't be half as bad, somehow, if the two 'girls' Donna and Sam were in any way attractive - no, this reminds me of nothing more than those ads in the back of video magazines for 'amateur housewives on film'.

Strip Poker II Plus

It's not even a very good game of cards. Using cursor keys and RETURN you choose whether to drop, call or raise on each hand and then decide how many cards to discard. Then, suspense mounting, you learn if you've won. There seems to be no skill involved - your opponent can be bluffed fairly consistently by betting high and thus giving the impression of a good hand. The only fun occurs when Donna or Sam has run out of money and 'has' to bet a piece of clothing or you are threatened with losing a pair of socks or something on the turn of a couple of cards.

But - and I ask the question in all seriousness - who's going to tell if you cheat?

One person determined to cheat is Dugald Holmes who sends in a way of viewing the six pictures of each girl without having to play a single hand of cards. You dirty dog, Dugald!

Strip Poker II Plus

It's easy. Type:


and then PROClp("x") - just a RETURN after each command, ignore the on-screen error messages and substitute DONNA1 to DONNA6 or SAM1 to SAM6 for "x".

All I have to say is this - I'm not at all sure it's worth even that!

Dave Reeder

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