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The Hand
By Pearl
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #68

The Hand

Should you be a Freemason, know a Freemason, or think you might like to be one in the near future, then don't read this.

And don't buy The Hand. What we have here is a serious mickey take of masonic rituals and behaviour. Concerned chiefly with probing deep into all sorts of little secrets that the boys at Whitehall would rather you did not probe about in. The Hand is otherwise an unremarkable sort of adventure. Go north, pick up this, read that. Even the location descriptions lack the merest trace of atmosphere. Too many of the puzzles are solved mainly by luck rather than skill. In it's paranoia The Hand is entertaining, but it's not going to be the greatest adventure of all time.

Overall Summary

Original idea - Masonic romp through hall of political power spoofing the rituals. Not much cop, though.

Tamara Howard

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