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Sinclair User

By The Power House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #74


Transcend the 8 levels of awareness and reach the upward path, a higher level of understanding and fulfilment...

This is not a book about an obscure religious sect, but, in fact, it's the synopsis of Dervish. Dervish requires you to assume the persona of a little spinning man (presumably a 'whirling' dervish) and trundle around the aforementioned 8 levels of awareness, pulping the various demons which inhabit them. The End.

Oh all right, there's just a little bit more to say about the game, and here it comes. The graphics are nasty and blocky, your character appears to be a spinning police cone with arms, and he's perpetually followed by a a nasty yellow jacket, which seems to be some sort of servant. The game seems to have no purpose whatsoever.

The graphics are poor, the gameplay's incomprehensible and I object to being followed by a yellow Mandarin jacket. OK?

Overall Summary

Completely incomprehensible and exceedingly dull game which puts you in the shape of a police cone.

Tamara Howard

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