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Down To Earth
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #67

Down to Earth

Well, it was like this, see Guv. I got me dozer our of the 'ut first off this mornin', and I drove up the road like, nice an' quiet, and then, all of a sudden like, things went all technicolour and I found myself in some sort of computer game.

It weren't like no building site I'd ever bin on before. There were fuel dumps to pick up. and strike me down wiv a feather there was all these aliens, all over the flipin' place, and strike me, Guv, there I was blown up. Din know what hit me ...

Down to Earth is one of those budget games that oh-so-nearly makes it, but not quite. For a little while, it's moderately entertaining chewing on dirt, but after a rock has fallen on your head for the fourteenth time, your enthusiasm tends to wane a tad.

I'm convinced there must be a good game in the wildlife preservation versus the motorway game idea, this isn't it.

Overall Summary

Trundle that 'dozer! Entertaining scoop 'em up fades with use.

Tamara Howard

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