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Star Wars Droids
By Mastertronic Added Dimension

Published in Your Sinclair #32

Star Wars Droids

This game is licensed from that naff Droids cartoon that they show on childrens' BBC at four o'clock or whenever. The programmers, Binary Design, could have written a brilliant game based on the cartoon - it is action packed with terrible animation and awful plots, just like most budget games really. As usual though a good licence has been ruined.

Droids is a dull arcade adventure of the walk-left-and-right-making-killing-thing-and-opening-doors type. There is no scenery to speak of, boring simple-simon door-opening sub-games, and the most fiddly icon control system imaginable. I couldn't muster any amount of interest in Droids whatsoever and I expect it will be even less absorbing to the 'younger audience' at whom it is aimed.

Nat Pryce

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