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Muggins The Spaceman
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #31

Muggins The Spaceman

Why do heroes always have stupid names? I mean, Wally Week was bad enough but, Spaceman Muggins?! Anyway, it seems that Muggins must recover a crashed space ship and bung it back to the docks for repairs, after mending the engine and other vital bits of equipment. However, the engine parts were dislodged in the crash and locked in storage lockers, which can only be opened with such obvious items as rabbits and anchors. Yet, it's time to don your illogical (Captain), thinking caps, 'cos it's arcade-adventure time.

Muggins could have been quite a good game. The rooms are neatly drawn in 3D, there are lots of robots to massacre (you have to take your frustration out on something when you get stuck), and loads of tough problems. Unfortunately the whole game is let down by some atrocious graphics. They are so chunky that you can't tell what anything is, and have to use an object identifier.

Hardened arcade-adventure fans might like Spaceman Muggins, but I found it had little appeal.

Nat Pryce

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