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By Bug Byte

Published in A&B Computing 4.03

What do you get if you cross bland, slow and uninteresting gameplay with crude, unimaginative graphics? The answer is Skyhawk, one of the most disastrous games I have ever played.

This game is a very loose version of a Commodre 64 game called Falcon Patrol. The major difference is that the Commodore 64 (intentional mistake) version is almost playable. The graphics in this version are nothing more than user defined characters and they move with the speed of a dead sloth. The gameplay is ridiculously monotonous with the player fuelling up, taking off, shooting enemy planes and then landing, fuelling up, etc, etc. Even with the Slogger Turbo thrashing its little heart out, the game remained unplayable.

Just because this game only costs two quid it does not mean that Bug-Byte can churn out any old rubbish and I hope they will refrain from doing so again. I strongly recommend that you avoid this game.

Dave Reeder

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