Amstrad Action


Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Leisure Genius
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20


The old slot-racing was one of my favourite pastimes in my younger days, and I wouldn't mind going for a spin again today. The computer version doesn't put the cars in slots but it does let you create your own tracks to race on.

Only two cars can take part. The screen is split to show both of them, even if they're half a lap apart. Two human drivers can take part, or one against the computer. A two-player game is more exciting even though the computer has three difficulty levels. The screen display is fairly bare, apart from the cars. There are no markings on the track and just cones and barrels whizzing by at the side to indicate movement.

The racing is very limited in nature because it's too easy to crash the cars when trying to overtake. It means that whoever gets out in front at the start will usually win. And if cars collide, the race ends immediately. Running off the edge of the track just slows the car down and doesn't crash it. Corners are the only place you'll be able to pass and even that is extremely risky.


There are seventeen formula-one circuits already programmed. You can design your own using any of the track pieces. You're limited by the size of the screen and the track has to join up apart from that you can do what you like. This is the best feature of the game: saving tracks and trying them out.

The game would have been improved by having hazards on the track, other cars and less easy crashing. However, it's still enjoyable to play and design tracks.

First Day Target Score

Beat difficult computer car.



Graphics 61%
P. Large, well drawn cars.
N. Bare tracks with few features.

Sonics 31%
P. Just engine noises.

Grab Factor 58%
P. Crashing is infuriatingly easy.
N. No hazards on the track.

Staying Power 66%
P. Track-design feature is easy to use.
N. Lots of fun playing around with tracks.

Overall 61%
Could have been a lot better with a little thought.

Bob Wade

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