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Computer Gamer

Robin Of Sherlock
By Silver Soft
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer Gamer #10

Robin Of Sherlock

The second location that I visited had Frian Gorbachetnik exploding from eating one venison burger too many. Later I found a gnome that turned out to be a resprayed smurf wearing a Jim'll Fix It badge and a Kentucky Fried Squirrel fast food joint. Yes, Delta Four Software, the team that brought you Bored Of The Rings, is back in town.

Strange things are afoot in Sherwood Forest and surrounding areas. Dorothy has been mugged on the Yellow Brick Road, Dr. Watson is found dead and there are Mafia connections in the Smurf's village. Rumours have it that Hurn the Hunter (him with the deer's head in the Robin Of Sherwood TV series) is involved somewhere along the line but you have no proof - yet.

Your quest is to find out who or what is behind all these sinister deeds and you start off equipped only with bow and arrows, your trusty sword (called Albino) and a cordless radio phone. The game is in three parts and once, you can move freely between them by saving your current position to tape, loading in the next part of the game and then reloading your saved position.

Exploration is easy and you can visit a large number of locations without doing very much. This helps considerably as you try to find out what on earth you are supposed to be doing. You can talk to the characters that you meet and ask them what they know about various things. I came a cropper when I asked the Mother Superior of the convent something. It was a silent order!

Robin Of Sherwood is a marvellous parody of Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes stories and will give you hours of enjoyment and amusement.