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Your Sinclair

Robin Of Sherlock
By Silver Soft
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #2

Robin Of Sherlock

Thou art Robin of Sherlock in yon Sherwood Forest - there thou shalt find a dead Doctor Watson, a pot of vaseline and Maid Marian's clothes! Go forth and solve the many mysteries that have brought chaos to this realm.

Yessir, it's a cracker! Well written, with some very neat touches (considering it was written with the Quill), excellent graphics, and a tremendous sense of humour. Authors Jester and Desperado have come up with a brilliantly funny game that extracts the Michael out of both Sherlock and Robin of Sherwood.

Here in Sherwood Forest you'll find your merry men, Maid Marian (who's always ready for a quick cuddle), Friar Gorbachetnik (who eats so much he explodes), and the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City of Huddersfield. And if that's not enough for you, there's even a Kentucky Fried Squirrel take-away, a railway station, and a portable phone. And it comes with brill sound - when did you last hear your Speccy chugging into a station.

As well as a dead Doctor Watson, the Smurphs are up to something dirty, and there's a hideous conspiracy involving candles and vaseline! There's also a hideous bug. Typing GO WINDOW - or BREAK WINDOW for that matter, get's the message SWEAR NOT followed by a system reset.

Robin of Sherlock's a hoot if you want something different. You can talk to the characters (unusual for a Quilled game), listen to them talking amongst themselves, and do a RAMsave if things look tricky. Go for it, and avoid the fried squirrels at all costs.

Grim Reaper

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