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Home Computing Weekly

Knight Lore
By Ultimate
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

It's a classic from Ultimate for the CPC 464! You find yourself in the unfortunate position of being a werewolf during the hours of darkness, and in order to dispel the spell you have to consult the wizard of Knightlore Castle, but you have to find him first! Not only that, you have to find your way about, and recover various charms so you can deposit them in a cauldron and thus find release.

That's the plot, which could be that of any adventure, but here, it's arcade style, and the graphics are tremendous. Your viewpoint is above and slightly to one side of all the locations, giving an incredibly realistic 3-D view.

Movement is by joystick or keyboard, and takes a bit of getting used to, but when you do the movement is so smooth it's like watching a film. In and out of stone arches, behind pillars and boxes you go to find various objects. This isn't easy either, because they are usually at the top of something requiring jumps, or worse still, you have to push things around to climb on them. The sun eventually sets, and as the moon rises you are transmogrified into the werewolf, and your quest continues.

All manner of moving objects balls, spikes, flames, guardians bar your path. Very, very good; even better than the Spectrum version because of the higher resolution graphics. It's a little disappointing that all the Amstrad's graphic superiority wasn't taken advantage of; and the music is sparse.


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