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The French Mistress Level B
By Kosmos
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #131

OK, I confess, I only studied German at school and failed that. Who better therefore, to test a vocabulary teaching program? If it works on me, it'll work on anyone! Whereas level A concentrates on vocab linked to situations, level B deals with colours. pastimes, tools, countries, and medical terms, then launches into parts of speech, including verbs in every tense.

The tape divides into a control program, and files containing a section of vocab, Feeling distinctly grist I loaded it in together with the colours file. A menu then presents itself from which you can choose to load/save a section of vocab, structure one yourself. receive the lesson, or test your progress.

Deciding on the lesson the screen clears to noir, and you can choose whether English or French appears first, and how long it stays on screen. Then, in glorious bleu ciel, masculine words are printed as opposed to mauve for feminine ones! They can be set to repeat until they stick in your head. Mode I is used, but the colours used aren't entirely successful on the green-screen.

The test section allows choice of English/French or French/ English translation, and, after the prompt. any wrong key presses in your answer are bleeped. If you're struggling, the tab key offers some help in the shape of the next letter.

No fancy graphics or sound, just plain. well error trapped BASIC, and Oui! It works. I bet you're vert with envy!


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