Amstrad Action

Ikari Warriors
By Elite
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #16

Ikari Warriors

Elite is still churning out those arcade conversions, and this one's a real classic. Not only does it feature some magnificent graphics but a great two-player option as well. The game is basically a Commando derivative and features the same sort of gameplay but with lots of additional action.

You won't need to worry about the scenario because the action just entails blasting your way through endless hordes of the enemy. Like Commando, it takes place on a downward-scrolling screen which is smooth and packed with jungle graphics. These include various bits of vegetation, swamps, bridges and enemy strongholds.

As in Commando, you are in control of a soldier who's armed with both gun and grenades. Both weapons can be used against the soldiers who try to kill you, and the grenades can also blow up buildings, tanks and helicopters. The explosions can be very spectacular, particularly when a building goes up taking surrounding soldiers with it.

Ikari Warriors

When buildings and green-uniformed soldiers are destroyed they leave behind various supplies that you can pick up. These provide bullets, grenades, fuel and bonus points - but you shouldn't run out of these very easily. The enemy fire back with bullets, grenades and shells. Avoid them, and be careful not to run into the soldiers themselves.

Charging around delighting in the mayhem you can cause, you'll come across some enemy tanks just standing idle. Hop into one and you can trundle around crushing enemy soldiers and shelling wildly. In the tank you're invulnerable to enemy bullets but watch out for grenades and shells, which will force you to get out of the tank before it explodes. You'll also have to abandon it if it runs out of fuel or reaches an impassable stretch of water.

The enemy aren't without special weapons either. Their tanks will hold you up, and a massive helicopter is very dangerous because it spews bullets everywhere. Of course it's only a matter of time before you bite the dust - but there's a feature that may make the time a lot longer than you think.

Ikari Warriors

The two-player option is fantastic because both players appear on screen at once and have to battle through the jungle together. They can help each other a lot because firepower is doubled. There are drawbacks, though: your own grenades can kill the other player, but your bullets and tank can't. It's great fun following the tank across the bridge as it squashes everything in the way.

The gameplay isn't much different from Commando, but improvements are the superb graphics, features like the tanks and of course that great two-player option.

This is real mindless addiction - you'll love it.

Second Opinion

Ikari Warriors

Ikari Warriors comes top of my list for this style of game. The graphics, explosions and size of game area will keep you hooked for weeks. What makes this game so special, though, is that two can play simultaneously. It is actually possible to grenade your fellow man - so if you feel your aide is getting too far ahead, lob one at him.

Green Screen View

Looks chunky but is playable.

First Day Target Score

25,000 points.

Good News

Ikari Warriors

P. Great graphics and scrolling.
P. Terrific explosions - large and loud.
P. Two-player option is marvellous.
P. Nice features like tanks and helicopters.
P. Very addictive, mindless gameplay.

Bad News

N. Similar gameplay to Commando.


Graphics 94%
Sonics 63%
Grab Factor 94%
Staying Power 88%
Overall 81%

Bob Wade

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