Home Computing Weekly

By Visions
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

The blurb and instructions on the packaging had led me to believe that this was en entirely original game, so it was quite a surprise to find, on loading it, that it is merely a computer version of an old board game. Not that it's an exact copy - most of the features that made the board game worth playing have been left out.

It's a game for two to four players. You have to produce oil, transport it by lorry or pipeline to a refinery, and then export it by ship; the first person to reach the export target is the winner. The decision-making required, and the opportunities to sabotage one's opponents, have been minimised so success is almost entirely a matter of luck.

The map on which the game takes place is quite attractive, but this does little to compensate for the basic dullness of the game. In fact, it's so boring that I couldn't persuade anyone to play it with me. I did play it right through once, just in case there was an exciting win sequence at the end - there wasn't! - but I don't think I'll ever play it again.


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